Letter to myself:

To the sex addict,
Running off to hide again to vent your frustrations makes you lazy and pathetic, not only are you letting your work group down you are letting your family down too, not doing your fair share when the work is to be done! Not showing any commitment, all you achieve is self satisfaction and distroying your self from the inside out, stop being distracted and focus on what you have and what needs to be done. About time you grow up and be the man you need to be!! Concentrate on what is important and stop being distracted by what is not, fill the back corners and get on with it.
From the life you need to be in!

Letter from my sex addict:

From from the sex addict,
I dissapear and hide to escape the frustrations of life, to temporary satisfy my own wants, I let the work group down because I would rather hide then show the comitment and work hard each day, I have pulled my self to piece from the inside and stuffed up a lot of things in life, living life with blinkers on and I’ve missed a lot of things like the way my life has gone to pieces, just for my temporary fix, for the temporary satisfaction to try and make my day better, I need to stop, I need to remove the blinkers and see what is left of my life, try and mend to distruction I’ve coursed in my life, my family and work group, I’ve been hiding far to often and far to long! No more hiding.
From my addicted self