Dear sex addict,

You hit me pretty hard. You knocked down me down, and I was on the ground for while but not anymore. You told me that I was WORTHLESS but Jesus told me that I was MEANINGFUL and through him he gives my life PURPOSE. Sure, for 6 years you told me that I would always be alone, that i would never find somebody that loves me. Well, for your information JESUS LOVES ME!!! and there is nothing you can do to change that. I know that where ever I go, I am never alone. So, today I am going to live differently. I am going to live with fire. I no longer need to feel that I need to take the low road because Jesus already did that. HE TOOK THE LOW ROAD SO THAT I COULD TAKE THE HIGH ROAD. I don’t need to feel depressed anymore because Jesus raised me up and that’s all that matters. So, goodbye sex addict, I don’t need you anymore.

Yours Truly,