Letter to myself:

Dear Sex addict, You have done a great job of keeping my life in a box. You have destroyed so many friendships. I have missed out on so many church events due to you… Because of you i have gotten farther and farther from God. Because of you my life is now in fear. I always have to keep looking over my shoulders. Every time I look at you I’m left wanting more and getting more disappointed. You have made me feel worthless. You make me feel alone and depressed.
1. I have never had a serious relationship due to you.
2, It leaves me in fear for everything I do.
3. After I look at you, my whole day is unproductive and it feels like my emotions are sucked out of me.
Let me share the real truth:
1. I AM a child of God.
2. I have so many young people that look up to me and say that im there role model
3. I know that God as an amazing plan for me and I know its not having an addiction to porn.

Here is how my life is going to change today?
1. Take this recovery serious
2, Ill pray for strength to fight these tempations
4. Make sure to always stay busy until I go to sleep.
5, Getting out of my comfort zone.

Letter from my sex addict:

Dear Self,
Just know that God loves you even when you slip. when you slip just know that it isnt the end of trying to overcome your addiction.
1. It’ll change your view of women and make sure you never get married.
2. You will feel lonely for the rest of your life.
3. You will be in your own little world.
4. You wont be productive in life, all of your dreams will slowly come falling down.
5. You will start believing that you are worthless
6. You wont have time for the important things in life.