Letter to myself:

Yeah thats right I said it. I’ll scream it. Its time for me to own up to this. You’ve had your disgustingly dirty hand on me for far too long
I don’t care what you say, I’m done walking hand in hand with you and your lies. 1.) You tell me you’re enough. You say you’re the only medicine that can dull the hurt enough. The pain. The rejection. The hatred. Everything I hate about everything I’ve experienced. But I know this isn’t true. If anything, it makes the pain worse! Every time I log on, every time I feed your fire the pain gets deeper and deeper until I can barely stand it! 2.) You say that you have control. I’m just your little puppet who’s your SLAVE anytime you call
I know this is totally 1000% FALSE. F. A. L. S. E. I am a new creature. Bought by the precious blood of Jesus Christ. I know that every time I give into the lusts and the lies I drive those nails DEEPER and DEEPER into my SAVIOR’S wrists. And I’m gonna start living like it. A.) I will Meditate on God’s word and pray daily. B.) I will treat people ( women AND men) with the respect they deserve. C.) I will isolate myself from any contact with the pornographic industry in any way. D.) I will run to God ANY time when I am being confronted with your deceitful lies to find strength.
I am done giving into you and what you want for me. God has handcrafted a BEAUTIFUL woman that He wants for me to spend the rest of my earthly life with when I meet her. I know my sexual purity is the greatest present I could ever give her so I will save myself and my body, I will take care of myself and my body so that it will be all that could fulfill her needs and so I can be the MAN God wants to lead my household.
Used to be yours

Letter from my sex addict:

Oh. This is rich. Hey buddy. So you think you can overcome me this time. You think your little omens and Amens are enough to keep ME away? Man. That is rich! I have you wrapped around my little finger. One call is all it takes for you to come running and crying back to me! Ha ha! You think I’m a bad guy, right? Haha. Buddy. I’m letting you off EASY now! I could absolutely DESTROY you. 1.) You could get caught answering my call at school! All I gotta get you to do is to catch your eye and BAM! I could have you in the bathroom in a second giving into all I want! And then what? People find out and your OH SO precious little testimony will be shattered into a thousand tiny little itsy bitsy pieces. You’d never be able to witness to that Kim, Ally, or Will with them finding out you’re THAT weak! 2.) You could hear my call at home and get caught by your SISTER! Then what? She’d be DISGUSTED! She’d have lost the closest roll model for sexual purity she’d ever had! Then I can trap her! I could send her to relationship after relationship and absolutely break her heart a THOUSAND times and you would be powerless to stop it! 3.) And oh, let’s not forget about Gavin, that little boy who is absolutely BEGGING and PLEADING for someone to guide him. You won’t do very well to guide him in the path of sexual purity. Then what? I lead him down that deep dark path and he becomes just a face among the masses that I have enthronged in what I say!
Think about everybody you let down when you watch those poor girls screaming for affection on that little screen. The girls whose daddies were never there and whose countless boyfriends who only wanted their bodies. Think about Jason and all the time he’s spent teaching you! Seems like a waste of his time. That’s all I want you to think you are. An accident. A waste of time. After all, it was your own PARENTS sexual impurity that brought you into the world. Yeah. Good luck beating me. Your own daddy that you’ve always looked up to is the very one that got caught in my wen first! Ha!
SINcerely yours,
Sex Addict