Sex addict,

You have controlled my life for too long. It is over. I put everything at risk for you and you never once fulfilled any of your promises. Instead you gave me guilt, shame, fear. I’m taking back my heart and giving it fully to God. Only God satisfies my longing for acceptance and intimacy.
I will no longer:
Use porn as intimacy
Masterbate to feel good
Lie to family and friends
Be late or miss appointments due to this addiction
Pay ministry money to satisfy you
Risk my life and my job for you
It’s over!!
I will faithfully:
1. Run away from anything that us or reminds me of porn
2. Seek our healthy relationship
3. Remain pure for my future husband
4. Admit to my accountability partner when I am tempted
5. I will the temptation with God’s Word and prayer
By the Grace of God I will walk out the freedom He has given me
Addict you are a liar.
I do not deserve the false happiness porn give. When it is nothing compared to the eternal joy of purity
Everyone is not doing it. That is a lie exposed by x3watch
Addict, I am done with you!