Letter to myself:

Dear Porn Addict,

You have promised me relief from the pain and struggles of my life. I am no longer an oblivious child, I realize now that you are the problem. You are the reason I can no longer trust people. I know now that you are the reason for my struggles. You are the reason why I have to deal with pain and loneliness. You are the reason why I feel so alone even when I am surrounded by the ones who love me. You are the reason why I have pushed God so far away. At first you offered short times of relief from these lonely and stressful situations but now you attack with long periods of anger, disappointment, sin and depression. You are the reason I had to build up walls and live a double life, because of you I have lost countless hours of sleep. Well I have a promise, I am done with you!

I will no longer let you blind me and take me down a path that leads to destruction. I will not believe your lie that no one will ever love me because I am “weird, and a failure”. I know that I am worth being loved and I am not a failure. I am loved by God. I know that he will give me the strength to finish you, for I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. I know that there is a reason God has me here and I will no longer let you stand in my way.

I am finally willing to tear down the walls I have built up and open myself up to others. I am willing to trust others again and know that I am loved by God and no hurt on this earth can mask how great His love is for me. I will open myself up to seek the help I deserve. I will tell the truth and no longer hide things behind walls or a double life. I will no longer push God away. I will join my friend’s church group and continue to pray daily. I will ask my closest friends to pray for me daily and seek God because I know only through Him can I receive the freedom from the shackles you have put me in.

I will never see you again.

No longer your slave,

Letter from my sex addict:


Great letter, reading through that gave me a good chuckle. Lets face it you have said you would quit thousands of times before, this will be no different. I have had you under my thumb since you were 13 years old remember? You won’t change, the one thing that has stayed the same since then is that me and you have been joined at the hip. How are you gonna change when you know I make you feel unlonely? How are you gonna tear down those walls you built up?

No girl has ever loved you and that’s not gonna change because you don’t change. You’re a freak and a loser, that’s why you need me. I offer an escape from your loneliness. I offer you an escape from your depression, I make you happy. I know your biggest fear is not being able to find a girl that will love you. You fear being lonely for the rest of your life. Why go through that pain when I am here offering so much? If you try and escape from me you will be lonely why take that chance? You think God will help your loneliness? Yeah right! You know I’m telling the truth and only I can save you from a lifetime of sadness.

Your real self