Letter to myself:

Dear sex addict-

I have been struggling with you for the past 5 years. I do not want to be consumed by you any more. I can go 6 months at a time without succumbing to your appeal and then for like two or three days I am stuck back where I started. I really want some complete freedom from this before my high school years are over. I am just so scared that this will happen again. I have just had about a months stretch, porn free and the last three days was stuck back in the cycle.

Well that’s it! This time I am seriously done with this. I hate the feeling of hollowness that is left in my stomach, I hate losing sleep thinking about what I have done, I hate having to face people and feel guilty about what I have done. I hate everything that comes with it and for some reason I just keep doing again and again. I see lots of people doing it around me and I am ready to be different from everyone else. I am done just saying “oh well, everyone does it!” Not anymore! This is it! I know that with the help of God and through prayer I can overcome this issue and I know that this time around I really will.

About an hour ago I watched a video and now (an hour later) I am confident that that was the last.


Letter from my sex addict:

Dear John-

Everyone else around you is doing. Why do you really want to stop? You feel good while you are doing. Yes you really can get over me though. Focus and fight the urge to do it and that is a real key. Pray to God about the issue.

Inner sex addict