Letter to myself:

Dear Sex Addict

I am tired of you controlling my life and my thoughts. I am tired of the way I feel after indulging you. You make me sick! I hate myself because of you. I feel so powerless to stop and yet I know you lead to distruction and pain. I am tired of listening to you. I am tired of making excuses for my behavior. I am tired of this battle and believing that I can not win. I am taking a stand against the addiction that I have had for the past 45 years (since first being introduced to pornography). I will take this stand with the help of God who loves me and paid an incredible price to set me free from this bondage. I will take this stand with the help of accountability partners who know of my struggle and are willing to be there to hold me accountable and help me fight for freedom. I will take this stand with the help of my wife (although she is unwilling to help) in the pursuit of saving our marriage and my relationship with my children. I will be held accountable and will be truthful to accountability partners. I will flee temptation and let the tools that I have put in place help me win daily battles. I will spend time in my Bible, prayer and praising God daily. I know I need your help God to overcome my past and I pray that you will bless my efforts and fight for my ultimate and continual victory over this addiction. Lord I desperately need your help and humbly asked for your forgiveness and for your grace and mercy as I battle this insidious foe. Thank you Lord that I don’t have to obey the voice of the sex addict anymore and from this day forward I commit to put to death the sex addict.

Letter from my sex addict:

You have tried before and you always fail. I will never let you win. I will battle you tooth and nail to continue to wreak havoc on your life and ruin your relationships. I will destroy your marriage. I will put my curse upon your three sons and I will ruin your daughters relationship with you and ultimately her soul mate. I will battle you day after day and I won’t give up! We will see if you are really dedicated to defeating me or you are just playing the game.