Dear Sex Addict,
I love you, or thought I did. You were there for me everyday. Everytime I felt a need you were there to comfort me. I felt so close yet so numb to you at the same time. I didn’t even need to think twice due to me knowing how much of a “friend” you were to me. But now I know. Now I am taking a stand to break away my foundation I had with you. My friends and my family and my accountability partner are the best supporters I could ask for in a crisis like this one.

You have ruined my relationship with my girlfriend. She hates you and hope I do the same. And I do hate you, but it was a long time coming and now because of you I have done too little too late to keep her. Every weak moment that comes to me you distract my thoughts from my love for her to my love to “that.” And “that” is not what I want or what I should be loving. Real affection is what I was made for and you have broken that covenant with my body and distorted my purity to something that is not of God. I can only pray she takes me back. I can only trust God that he will give her the will to forgive me.

I am taking these steps to finally rid you of my life.
1. Delete every capability I have on my phone that would let me reach unclean things.

2. Have an accountabity partner to moniter my searches and have someone to talk with to help me become clean.

3. Come clean to people I never thought I would tell like my parents and friends.

4. Pray to God. Read God’s word. And pray Romans 6 over my body. I will do everything I can in order to build my spirit man up into someone that honors God in all that I do.

I would thank you but I truly would be lying if I did for all that you have done in my life and because of that it is now time for me to grow up and become a man. It is now time for me to bid you adieu.
Sincerely, J.D.