Letter to myself:

Dear sex addict,
I am writing to say I am totally done with you. I want to seek help to get you gone. I am writing this down to have in my face to read all the time. In my search for help I will get an accountability partner and also talk to pastor about having a class at church dealing with this issue. I pray that God frees you from my life. I am making steps to deal with you: A) if I ever feel the urge to look at porn call someone. B) don’t view internet late at night at home.. C) look away from images that would grab my attention One big advice is be honest …honest with self, accountability partners, gf, and most of all God. You ruin my relationships whether with women or my kids. You will not any longer

Letter from my sex addict:

Oh boy are you fooling yourself thinking you can be free of me? You have tried it before and failed so what makes you think this time it will be different?? I will give you another try to be free….sike!! I want to ruin you, I want to take you down. When you are bored, tired, lonely or hurt I will lead you to porn or to search for anonymous sex. I will be there death of you…literally. I will bring disease and hurt. I will ruin relationships you have and be a big time waster.