Letter to myself:

dear sex addict, you were planted at around 11 years old and you have been watered over and over again. You have grown to be weeds that cloud up the space in my heart and make it an ugly place. It’s time that you get removed! I’ve been trying so hard to reconnect with my Lord and I have been able to throughout the past year. But you constantly step back into my life and put me to shame. You are the reason I feel guilt and why I can’t fully love God. But I am letting you know right now, although you have had a foothold in my life, and although I may have have loved you at times, let it be known that I love God MORE! I cannot serve two masters and well, I’m choosing HIM! You have no place in my heart or life. Goodbye and good riddance.

Letter from my sex addict:

I know you think you love God, but I’ve got you tied up. You’ll never be able to leave me. I will be a part of your history forever. You will never be rid of me. Even if you kick bad habits, I’ll always be your secret shame. Nice try.