Dear sex addict,

I honestly don’t know where you came from, but you have been in my life for way too long now. Since I was ten, you have perverted my mind and made me feel horrible. I know I have said it before, but this time, I mean it, I am done. You are not strong, you think you are, but you are not. God is with me, and I know this is something he has already delivered me from. You will not destroy me. I am done with you getting in the way of my relationships of my family. Especially my sister. Anytime I have a chance to spend time with her, you come around and shew her off to her room, because you make it seem like you have something so important.

You are the reason I am afraid that I will never be good enough for anyone to marry. My whole goal in life is to be that Proverbs 31:30 women, but you hate that idea so much, because as soon as I get strong, you come around and tell me “just this once”. You try to make it seem like it’s no big deal, but IT IS. I know for a fact I am straight, but every time you come around, you try to get me to believe that I am bi, or that I should try it. NO. THE ANSWER IS NO. I hope you get used to hearing that word, because you are never going to hear “Yes” ever again!

You have lied to me. You said this wouldn’t hurt anyone. You said that no one will ever have to find out, you said it would never be this big. You will not be apart of my life anymore. I take away your power. I take back everything you took from me. Including, my self worth, my confidence, my innocence, the purity of my mind and my relationships you have tried to destroy.

I will conquer you and I will go to school to become an ordained pastor. I will work in ministry. I will find a man of God that will always be by my side, and I WILL BE A PROVERBS 31:30 WOMAN. I will be a woman after God’s own heart.

Still don’t believe that this time is different? Well here is what I am going to do to make sure you don’t come back.
I am going to pray and read my bible DAILY.
I will be honest with my accountability partners.
I will have encouraging notes all around my room.
I will not watch anything that could lead me to curiosity.
I will keep away from things that could tempt me.
I will not use the computer or anything connected to the internet while I am home alone.
I will proclaim healing and restoration over my life.
I will more than 1 accountability partner.
I will not put my self in a position to compromise.

God’s girl