Letter to myself:

Since sixth grade you have pestered me, and though you started out as a mere acquaintance, you pushed to be closer to me. There were times when I felt as if I had left you, that our friendship was over yet you always came back. We will not be friends anymore! You have only brought destruction, shame, regret and emptiness to my life. I will flee from you! I will spend time in reading and prayer. I will keep Dillon involved in my struggle and he will help keep me accountable. I will work great in opposition to you in my life. I am expecting God to silence you and you and I both know that He is far greater than you. You are not my friend, you are my enemy.

Your new enemy,

Letter from my sex addict:

You cannot get rid of me! You have proven that you cannot get ride of me in the past. And it will be exactly the same this summer and in your future. I am already destroying your future with any woman, and that is why you have no girlfriend now, because you feel to shamed and that you should bring me to her too. If by some chance you can find some girl, I will destroy your children, what could you do for them, you don’t even love their mom. But most powerfully I will destroy your ministry! You cannot pastor or be a missionary with me! You will never be able to glorify His name as long as I am with you! I am ruling in your life!

Your BFF