Letter to myself:

You are sneaky. Coming back into my life even after being sober for years. Battling you on and off has been tiring. You stole my joy, my confidence, my respect for people, my week’s worth of happiness and my pride. But you’ll never steal away my identity and place in God’s heart. As long as that is a sure thing, I will overcome. God will see me through and He will always see me through. You’re nothing. Alone and through my own will I can’t, but through God I can. Your days are numbered. My relationship with God will be stronger than ever before. I will make it through. I will win. YOU WILL LOSE.

Letter from my sex addict:

Your words and your prayers mean nothing to me. Go ahead, say another promise, make another vow, at the end of the day, you still give in and you give in hard. I’ll be here waiting. I’m here to remind you how weak you are and how worthless you are. Whenever you go up to someone to share about God and life I’m going to remind you of your place and of what you did. I remember every moment. And I wouldn’t mind playing in your mind over and over again. I’ll see you soon.