Dear pornography and lust,

Today I am declaring freedom from you. You have held me captive for too long. I now know who I am in Christ. Everything you have led me to believe in the past are lies. I will not let you have power over me anymore.

From here on out, I will give my thoughts, actions, and eyes to God. They are not yours anymore. I will not watch porn anymore. I will not masterbate. You have no power anymore.

I have found accountability partners to help me in this journey. I have setup accountability software on my computer and phone. I have deleted all the videos and pictures I had on my computer. You have no way to come back on these devices again without my accountability partners knowing. They will hold me accountable.

I will begin attending church regularly again. I will begin daily spending time in God’s word and in prayer. I will be honest with myself and with others.

Goodbye forever.