Letter to myself:

Dear maturation,
For the past 3 years I have had an on and off relationship with you. You have taken control over my life and have ruined the way I see girls. My relationship with God has gone out the window because I didn’t want to give you up I keep coming back because the there’s not enough pleasure to sastify me. I have watch porn off and on only to find my self wanting to look, see, and touch what I shouldn’t and it’s ruining my life. Time and time again I try to stop but the devil wins the battle every time and I know my God will win the war but I’m scared that I’ll never make it out of my problem, that my marriage and future relationships will be ruined, that my kids will get into it and I can’t help them stop because I’m still there myself. I am so scared that I’ve become so lost on my list that I don’t even care about getting over it anymore. Porn and masturbation have caused me to teach a friend how to jack off and what porn was and I even ducked his penis and that is something I’m afraid I’ve ruined his life as well and I know things about him that I can’t tell him he has a micro penis and won’the be able to have kids. I am truly ashamed of you and I don’t want to EVER come back by writing this letter to you I hereby end our relationship forever and I know you’ll come after me but my God is bigger and stronger than you.

Letter from my sex addict:

Lol you think you’ve won that your God is bigger well I know you and you’ll come crawling back by the end of the week you’re never leaving God is gonna let you go because you won’t stop now who’ll stop you? I have control over your life now and it won’t ever change I’m gonna ruin your relationship with Rachel she’ll be waiting on you but you’ll never get to be with her. You’really parents are gonna be so disappointed I’m gonna ruin your marriage, job, kids I’m gonna take it all and your still gonna come back every time you know you want me
Signed your porn and masturbation addiction