Dear Sex Addicted Version of Me-

I’m breaking up with you. And its you, not me. And I know I also said this before and still kept calling you up to hang out or go on dates, but… no. Not this time.

You know what sucks about you is that you’re really really bad at loving yourself and loving others, especially me You are a quick fix. And to be honest sex isn’t even that good!

This time I will to be done with you. I really don’t want to speak again. I’m done. I hate how I’m entangled with you it feels so sexy and cool and fun and it just ends in mediocrity. I am not mediocre. I hate how every time we are together you make me feel like shit in the end. I don’t need that. I deserve better than that. Let’s be honest with each other, this is a relationship of convenience. I’m not rooted in you, nor do we have that much history. So rather than me just calling you up for a quickie every now and again, I think I’ll go out with my friends instead.

You know I want to be married one day to an amazing woman who God has set aside for me, and as long as we are together that can’t happen. I’m not bring you’re bullshit into any future relationships.

I’m going to write about you on my blog, because the more I vocalize it, the more ridiculous you become. The more I speak the truth about who I am, the more Christ empowers me to be a man ready for marriage.

I will tell my friends about our break up, and I know that they will be there to support me and not shame me.

I will teach about you at my church, and I know that others will begin breaking up with their shitty addicted other halves. and if I can help others not even get involved with people like you, I’ll count it a very good day.

I declare freedom in my life. I declare freedom from you. For where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom, and that is a holy ground that you can’t walk on. I am strong because Jesus makes me strong. He fights for me. And He has always been a better lover than you.

You aren’t welcome anymore. It’s been real, it’s been fun, but it hasn’t been real fun.