Not so dear Sex Addict,
For far too long have you tormented and tortured me. My life has been a constant roller coaster for the last 8 years because I have just hoped and hoped that no one would discover this part about me. If they did know about it, I hoped they wouldn’t ask because I typically wasn’t doing well. You have caused me more pain and sorrow, more tears and anger than anything else has ever done in my life. Your grip is so strong, and yet I am stronger through Christ. Many times have I tried to abandon you, tried to silence you once and for all and yet I have been too weak to do it because I’ve been doing it on my own. I’m done. I will no longer try to take on this huge task by myself and I will no longer be ruled by anything or anyone except Christ, especially you. I am sick of lying for you because I fear the consequences. I am sick of hurting those close to me because you keep showing up. You bring shame because you know my pride will keep me from telling others about it. Well guess what, I’m telling several people this year. Your grip of shame and stigma will be broken. I’m going to surround myself with accountability partners and I’m going to finish X3Pure. I am going to work out every day and get deeper in my prayer life. I am so sick of and disgusted by you. You’re done.