Letter to myself:

Dear Sex Addict

This a break up letter. I’m amazed I’ve stuck with you all these years, I’m amazed that I’ve entertained your ridiculous thoughts for so long, I’m amazed that I’ve let you trick me continuously.

I’m done with you because it’s always the same thing. You tell me taking in and masturbating to a beautiful woman will satisfy me but it never does because I come back to it. This kind of behaviour has taken me to places where I can’t be satisfied with one woman. It has also gotten me to view women as sex objects but there’s more to a woman than her body. It has caused me to become someone I don’t want to be.

Not to mention that you cause me to be so unproductive. My writing, my course work, my career has all suffered. My relationships have failed partly due to you and I don’t want to get into a relationship because of what you’ve done to me. I’ve chosen you over having a relationship with a real woman. Yes I know a relationship with a real woman isn’t easy but it’s so much more fulfilling than what you have to offer me.

Yes, you give me temporary relief from stress but it’s doing me no good in the long run. Yes, you give me pleasure but it doesn’t last long.

So this is goodbye!

Letter from my sex addict:

Hey man!

Ok, whatever! Good luck living in la la land! We both know you can’t survive without me!

Women are objects! They’re there to be used! You want this you know you do!

Why do something that will make you feel uncomfortable? This life is hard enough so why invite more stress by denying yourself the pleasures I have to offer you?

You’re wrong! A relationship with a real woman isn’t easy, it’s freaking impossible! Real women are so annoying, such a pain. Would you rather have a real woman with all their complaints and complications than a porn star or a fantasy woman? Think about it, with porn or fantasies there are no complications or complaints, life is just so much easier when the woman isn’t real.

Stop this nonsense of quitting because we both know you’ll be back anyway! How many times have you tried to give this up and failed? Oh, so many times! You’re weak, you’re a failure! You’ll never be strong enough to overcome this.

See you later because we both know you’ll be back.