Letter to myself:

Hi weak person. You have no perseverance when it come to temptations, no self discipline, when you have started thinking about what you want, you dont stop til you get it. And it leaves you in shame, feeling not good enough, not worthy of being in ministry, not worthy of having a girlfriend, insecure, scared that someones going to find out. And it’s awful. It really sucks. But a couple of days later you have forgotten and the only thing you can think of is yourself again, disconnected from the rest of the world in a little bubble. And you click on those instagram hashtags again on a hunt for something juicy. And you always find it in the end. And then you become ashamed again. It’s this vicious circle. And it ruines you man! You have to stop!! You dont want to live this way! You have to get free from this! Imagine the freedom of not having this over your shoulders. Imagine being proud, in a good way, over being done with porn. Having a great relationship with your wife. Etc. All the good things that will be a reality if you get over this! Come on. Pick up the sword and fight. Be on your knees in front of God and pray. Seek Him. And by His strength you will overcome. It will be hard. There will be times where you will feel like giving in. The temptation of temporary satisfaction, the injection of porn, will seem to big to resist. But persevere!! Go away! Do something else. Put your phone away, turn the computer off. Hide your ipad. Get away! The temptation will fade. Dont entertain it. Dont click on that article in the newspaper that will start tempting you. Dont look at those bikini photos of that girl on facebook. Dont entertain the temptation. Stop! Go offline! Get away. You can do it! And you know what! It’s so worth it. You will never regret it. I believe in you.

Letter from my sex addict:

Hi. Its tough. I do feel week. The temptations are strong. I do give in. And it feels good in the moment. And that moment is all I can think about when the temptations come. But I hate it afterwards. You are right. And I don’t want to feel this way anymore!! I’m done. No more shame!! So from this point on I will bever look at porn again in my life! I know it will be hard. But its worth it! I will fight. And i will pray. Thanks for beleiving in me. Now let’s do this.