Dear Sex Addict,

We’ve had our share of “fun” over the years. You’ve been able to be my escape to numb my pain instead of going to God, but the sleepless nights and shame that I endure is not worth the fleeting moment of pleasure. I’m done with you!!

I’m done allowing you to hurt my relationship with God, my relationship with my wife and kids, my job and my ministry. By the grace of God, I’m SURRENDERING my life to Him and will make the conscious choice to OBEY.

I will be more aware with what I’m feeling and openly talk to God about what’s going on in my heart so I can receive the grace and mercy to help me in my time of need. I will “walk by the Spirit, so that I WILL NO LONGER GRATIFY THE DESIRES OF MY FLESH.”

No longer will I front like I have it all together. I will tell my wife and close friends when I’m feeling tired, lonely, tempted or discouraged so that they will pray for be and keep tabs on me. This battle cannot be done by myself, so together we will defeat you.

Finally, I will continue this 30 day challenge, along with the 30 day workshop and complete all assignments. It’s my intentions to help my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ to experience the freedom that I’ve received so they too can be free and free others.

I’m taking over now! I’m done with you!!