Dear sex addict,

you say you need those pictures to give yourself at least a bit of satisfaction, because you don’t have anybody, and you are lonely, and that is the only way you can let off some steam, and get some pressure off your mind.

The truth is, you are loved, and you are the one who chose to build walls around yourself, of course due to bad experiences. But there are people out there who really appreciate you, and willing to listen to you. And of course one God who patiently waits for you to finally dump all the burden you carry around, and be able to have a good relationship with him again.

The truth will make you free, you know that? All this hiding and stuffing inside has pressed you down, and you will have so much energy and joy from the inner inside set free, when you come into the light.

You don’t have to get open to the full at once, no, you can take one step at a time, but you will know you go in the right direction. At first you talk about it in the pastoral care, and there you will find ways to include other persons in your thoughts and inner feelings.

You know, this is not about abstinence, it’s about getting open and sharing your dreams, your anxieties, your visions. And it’s also about being accountable and responsable about who you are, and what you do, because you are important.

Cards on the table, young man! Give the treasures between all the slick a chance to see the light of day.