Dear porn addict,

It is finished. I am done with you. you have taken control of my life, and it is time for me to take it back. I am taking my life back and giving it up to my Father in Heaven. I know that if I give up my life to God and live my life to honor and glorify him then my life will become so much better and I will become so much happier. In order to to my life for God, I have to get rid of you, forget about you, and ignore you when ever you try to come back. So, that is exactly what I am going to do. I am going to get rid of you by eliminating anything that you can invade my life through. I am going to forget you by starting new hobbies and activities that will get me out of the house and around other followers of God. And finally, I will ignore you by reading my Bible and praying more, giving me knowledge on how to resist and deal with the temptation you put into my life. I know that my Father in Heaven is proud of what I have done and is having a party right now in Heaven celebrating the big steps that I have just taken, and that is because He cares about me and He wants what is best for me. All you want is to destroy my life and watch me burn to the ground. I am done with you. This is over. It is finished.

Sincerely NOT yours, Tanner