Letter to myself:

Dear Sex Addict,

It is finished. I have succumbed to your lies for the very last time. I’m done with merely saying that I’m done, and I’m ready to actually do something about it. This is the last time I will fall. I AM A CHILD OF GOD, and I will NOT let the guilt and shame of the lies you have told me control me any longer. I’m doing this to free myself, grow closer to the Lord, and to be a better man for my girlfriend. I know it won’t be easy, I know you’ll still try to control my life once again. But this time, you’ll lose. Get behind me, Satan! Get behind me, Addict! Because I’ve had enough. I am done. I WILL be free. Gods power is greater than all. Guilt and shame be gone.

It. Is. Finished.

-Former Addict

Letter from my sex addict:

Alright. You think you’re hot stuff now, huh? Well you know I’ll still be here. But I’m actually rooting for you, I WANT you to win. But you won’t. ‘Cause you’re not man enough. I have held you captive for so long that I don’t even have to try to control you anymore. But hey, we’ll see. Prove me wrong.