Letter to myself:

You have had a hold on my life for more than forty-four years and I’m telling you now, you’re reign of terror is over. I will not be defeated by you anymore. I have had enough of your lies and intimidation tactics and I will fight back against you, but not by myself. I belong to a loving and righteous God who truly loves me for who I am. You have told me that many, many times through your lies and manipulation and I will not listen to them anymore! you know, looking back on my life, it is sad that I have lost so much time and memories because I was lost in magazines, books the internet, and prostitution, listening to you tell me that “Go ahead, just look at one more, and you will find what you are looking for” I really don’t know what I have been running from, it is all a blur now, but it may stem from me being shy. No, but I think that may have been a byproduct, my shyness, of always hiding in the dark with my addiction to you. Well you are on notice now, I quit and as far as I’m concerned I won’t be visiting you again. It has been a long and ongoing BAD relationship that I am terminating, divorcing, annulling from this point forward. You’re lies will trap me no more as I have found truth in my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who is the truth the way and the life and He will NEVER leave me or forsake me. You on the other hand left me stranded and feeling alone for many years telling me lies that I believed as truth, that your way was the only way to freedom, to be able to do what I wanted to do whenever I wanted to. That is not life, but death in disguise. The only freedom is a life in Christ, who wants only good for me and you can go to hell, by yourself. I’m NOT going with you. God has a place for me with Him, in heaven, the real paradise, where I will spend eternity when my life and work are done here on earth. he is true love and the Father, you are true lies and the father of deceitful lies. You lose and God wins my heart. I know you remember King David and like him I am a man after God’s own heart. Loser, go to Hell with all your other loser friends and may the Father answer my prayers that may save others from ending up in the lake of fire for following your lies. I am done with you, addiction, DONE. You have already seen my face for the last time, IT IS FINISHED!

Letter from my sex addict:

Don’t you think for a minute that you leaving me is going to be that easy. All of your friends, I’m going to turn them against you and make you really feel lonely! they will laugh at and mock you and make you feel stupid for not doing the tings they do and what I had you doing for more than four decades. You will not have anymore friends cause they don’t want to hang out with “boring” people like you! So beware. life is not going to be the same without me in it, you’re lost buddy of addiction. Because you are leaving me behind, I’m going to make your life miserable. and lonelier and boring. You just wait and see. Blah!!!