Dear addict to sex,
You are no longer going to be a part of my life! I am done with you! You convinced me at one point that it was okay and that I should give in. Well no longer!
As I have read in Romans 6, your power is broken!!! As I gave my life to Jesus Christ, I died to your lies and your clever speech. I died to your temptations of giving in and clicking on sensual videos and photos. I died. In Jesus Christ, I ONLY find LIFE.

Your smooth tongued speech to give in were ABSOLUTE LIES!!! Your ‘playful love’ is really gruesome slavery. I know that in Christ, I only find freedom. Freedom to live for God. Freedom to righteous living. Freedom to both overcome and flee from your temptations.

I will…
1. Be truthful with my accountability partners.
2. Contact my accountability group in the midst of temptation.
3. Remind myself that the ultimate answer is in Jesus Christ.
He loves me. He overcame every temptation when He lived on this earth. If the Holy Spirit, who turned a 3 day old dead corpse, into the life breathing Jesus again…and that same Spirit lives in me and is guiding me, then OBVIOUSLY, you have no power.
Your power to enslave me into sin evaporated 2000 years ago, like water in a cracked and scorching desert!!!

Your power will NEVER return!!
It is OVER!