Dear Sex Addict, I wish I could say it’s been a long time. For so long you have tortured me all the while offering fake comfort and pleasure. When Iv’e had a hard day you’re always there to offer your cheap getaway which always ends with me feeling guilty, dirty, and a step farther from God. And the worst part is I keep coming back like a dog to it’s vomit, for reasons I don’t know. Why would I come back to the one who is ruining my relationship with God and others? Who is destroying my confidence, and holding me back from finding a woman of God? And that’s exactly why i’m writing this letter, i’m done. Of course Iv’e said that before haven’t I? And even now as I write this I feel you calling for me. Well the answer is no. No more. I can’t keep running back to you and coming up empty, as I always will if this continues. God has a way better plan for me, an amazing wife whom I can have a real relationship with. Not a fantasy one. Whom I can love with pure love and be loved back. No longer will you drain me of my confidence, or my passion to serve God. No longer will you smash my self esteem and pollute my thoughts. No longer will you keep me from worshiping my God because the night before church you got me when I had my guard down. This is the end of our relationship. God as my witness. Sincerely, the last time this will happen.