Hey, it’s been awhile since I actually spoke to you. To be honest, I don’t think you or I have ever actually acknowledged each other. I’ve been under the impression that I can’t affiliate myself with people who aren’t wholesome and don’t try living for Christ. I’ve twisted the words “Love the sinner and hate the sin.” I’ve interpreted that passage in a way where I have made myself of higher moral conduct than you, and essentially I have forgotten that I too am a sinner. How can I be witness of Christ if I don’t go into the dark places, including the darkness within myself? I’m sorry, I’m so very sorry about forgetting you. I’m sure that the last thing you’ve ever wanted in this world is to lose acknowledgement, or feel lonely. I hope you read this letter and understand that I care, and I’m trying to show you that I do care. I hope that because of this you understand Christ cares as well, I hope I’m displaying His love for you. Don’t run away from Him.