Letter to myself:

Hello, I just wanted to tell you that I’m done with you. I’ve been in so much bondage because of you. You make ne sad, you make my girlfriend sad, and you steal my joy. You’ve been in my life for over 5 years. You’ve lied to me, you’ve made it seem like ill never be set free. I have been set free 2000 years ago. Im tired of you affecting my purpose. I work at a church now and Im not gonna let you take that from me. I hate you so much.
1. I will contact Clark and Evan.
2. I will check in with Jesse and Josue
3. I will check in with Cass.
You have no place in my life anymore. Im ready to move on. Im ready for a new beginning. Im done with your poison.
1. God is better.
2. I want God more.
3. I love Cass more.
4. Im not gonna let you affect my purpose.
So get the heck out of my life. This is it. You don’t have a hold on me anymore. You cause my insecurities you cause my sadness, you cause all the crap in my life. So bounce.
No longer yours,
Ya old boy steph

Letter from my sex addict:

You think you could leave me? You think you could get over me? Nah son. You ain’t going no where. You love. As you’re writing these letters right now you want to watch me right now. Im gonna cost you Cass. Im gonna gonna cost you your ministry. You’re never gonna be able yo enjoy sex with Cass. Youre not even gonna marry her. Youre gonna be alone with me forever. Im gonna ruin your life. You and Cass can’t even enjoy a movie without me. You cut time withbher short because you miss me. Youre mine.
Your love