Dear sex addict,

What’s up girl? Things are about to start changing. Big time. You’ve been in my mind for 10 years as have been eating away at my life for too long. You are weak. You have no more control over my life. My God, my Father, has given me my life back. Your sick twisted grip can’t hold me down anymore. I will become stronger than you. And you will eventually lose all of the power you hold. I will be honest with myself and the people who actually love me and KNOW that I can be free from you. I will choose to be happy. And I will look to my future as hope because I know that you won’t be there. Over time we have morphed into 1 person. I have grown to love you and care for you. you have become a companion in my life. i thought i coudnt live without you. But now i know that you have no place in the pure being God created me to be. I will do this because God has told me i am loved. i will do this for me. for my family. for my future husband. i will do this because i want my life back. You’ve run your course you sick disease. And now it’s time that this is over.

The one who will get away