Letter to myself:

Dear me,
right now you are addicted to porn. you use it as an escape from boredom or when things begin to pile up like schoolwork. You struggle and struggle and cant find a way out. You are afraid of letting go and becoming vulnerable in the real world. You haven’t given up yet though. Keep trying. Take drastic action to change your life by switching out this horrible addiction with better healthier habits. I know you have it in you because you did it before. You were once free and i have seen you do awesome things.

Sincerely the true Brandon Kentfeld

Letter from my sex addict:

I struggle so hard with this addiction. I need help. Every time I think I get going in the right direction I fall back down. I am taking action though. even writing this letter is taking action towards a stronger version of myself. I seek Christ but do what I hate. I seek love but I use. It is today, June 2, 2015 that I am taking massive action to make a change for myself. I can do this. this is a poor poor part of me and i am going to leave it behind. then come back and bury it 6 feet in the ground. its time i beat this demon

Sincerely, the last time I am ever like this.