Letter to myself:

Stop. It doesn’t have to be this way anymore. A life of pain, caused by others but yourself also, it is possible to overcome, and even though your soul is mutilated with scars, in God’s eyes, your FATHER’S eyes, YOU ARE STILL BEAUTIFUL! Yes, you have made bad mistakes and hurt other people. Yes to some you may still be a complete jerk….possibly for life, but that is not who you really are. The longing within you, the voids, cannot be filled on your own, only God can make you whole, he created you in the palm of his hand when he made your spirit, a Prince of Zion, not a slave for addiction, not a dog; you ARE NOT A PLAGUE! Wake up! You have three angels that need you to be whole, but most of all YOU need YOU to be whole. You don’t need this anymore, put down the mental knives, ax and chain-saw, stop destroying yourself! IT IS TIME TO KILL THE MASOCHIST THAT IS KILLING YOU! Stop listening to him. You are human, but the past is over, it is time to bury him and LIVE and find happiness…..what you were created for! God is not done with you, but you need to really, truly trust him…he will heal you, he will wash away the old you, all your pain, mistakes and suffering, we wants no one to suffer, he hurts when you do, he KNOWS the pain you feel, because he suffered the loss of his Son to give YOU everlasting life PHIL. Remember Jesus’ words “You have not chosen me, but I have chosen YOU.” Please let go of the knife now, please turn and lift your head and look, and find life that heals and saves!

Letter from my sex addict:

A Monster. Selfish, hurting, ridden in strife. Why should I let go? Who am I that God would, or could use to bring testimony, to help anyone else. A liar, a thief, who am I? I do wish to be free, to not be haunted by the past anymore, but what do I deserve? I long for unconditional love, for someone to find the treasure that is locked away deep in the heart of this haunted house of horror. But who am i? I wish to be white as snow, though I stand red, head to foot, drenched in the blood of the lamb, so WHO AM I? Lord, please, forgive me, and make me whole, I know you see through me, I know you see my worth and my treasure, and that is enough, even if no one else ever does. Jesus, YOU ARE ENOUGH, please heal me.