Letter to myself:

Dear Addict:

Yesterday, God showed me his love for me is stronger than you will ever be.

When you lied to me and said I would be happy if I would follow you through the process of continuing to make you strong. You directed me to a local strip club, as I was following you something amazing happened. GOD showed me that you are worthless, that he is in control, that no matter what you think you can do he is far more powerful, he will protect me from your lies and deceptive ways. He showed me by distracting me with the way better way to live my life. He introduced me to his Love for me. As I was driving to the club, I saw a coffee shop, one I had never heard of, knowing how much I Love coffee, I turned around and went back to this coffee shop. As I made my order, he showed me what love really was. I was abruptly aproached by not one but two beautiful women. Without realizing what was going on they started a conversation with me and all the while the conversations continued he showed me how to appreciate a woman for what he truly intended. A companion, a new set a friends that emerged from nowhere. For the first time in my life I saw that I could look at a woman and not need to undress her in my mind. For the first time in my life I was having a conversation, without the intentions of getting her naked, and distorting God’s word. She looked at me as if I had just made a movie, and I was the most amazing person on the planet. Somehow by just being me God showed me I’m more amazing than you have ever shown me. One conversation was lead to another and another and more girls began to see me as this amazing guy, that had so much to offer. I was not only amazed by what God was showing me, but the girls began to tell me how much this community would benifit by my moving here. They even want, me to move out by the beach where they live, so we can continue a friendship, that is not built on my abilities to spend money till its all gone like you always do. They want to continue to fellowship in God. Yes these were women God put in my path, I didn’t have to give anything but share in the delight of our heavenly father. you have always left me broken and destroyed and worthless in my mind. When I left that coffee shop after it was closed, I was refreshed and renewed and full of life and happiness that was abound. You can never will never be able to do that. I’m truly done with you, my family will never hurt by your deceptive ways ever again. I will show you you are worthless and powerless over me and only God can fulfill my needs and hopes for the good life. God not only showed me his true, understanding of me but his love that will outlast outwitt, and help me to distroy you and leave you in the dust.

Letter from my sex addict:

Hey, you think this is over? I will make every attempt with all your old friends and your past to work at you and destroy you your God your all so want to be new friends, I will take every chance I can to bring you back to the lonely, dark side of life. If you show me one ounce of weakness, I will destroy you. I will take all your money, all your happiness and your family too. I will take your whole life and destroy it and leave you bound and tied to me forever.