Dear Scum,
I’ve had it with what you do to my life, my relationship and my thoughts. i cant go a single day without you terrorizing me about those videos or pictures you made me look at. You hold my head to this computer screen all day, hoping i’ll get the urge to bring you up and let you out of the cage i keep failing to lock in my brain. Today marks the day that i dont forget, im done with you, your things and all that you put me though. You’re not part of me, you’re just something that i think i need, a easy way of extasy when im feeling down or bored. My love and my Holy Father have called a bigger part of me up to play, to lock this door for good and throw you out with the trash. Today will mark the last day i deal with your ideas of a “good time” Sincerely

The man that finally put you in your place