Letter to myself:

How long have you been doing this? Be honest. It’s been far too long. And how many times have you promised to God that you would stop? The God whom you know for a fact to exist and loves you very much, and yet you continue to defy his wishes. I know it wasn’t your fault when all of this began. That one guy molested you when you were in 1st grade. Your first images were shown to you by a friend. Unexpected, I know, put you chose to persist instead of asking for help.

You have wasted so much time on those websites, imagine, where your projects, or your walk with God could be if only you chose to act differently.

It’s not too late, you can make a stand. You did well at the convention. And I think you learned your lesson now that it has finally cost you where you listen the most, your wallet.

You are loved and you have a guy’s group who love you. Embrace them and take time to learn all their names, it will be worth it. You have a heart full of love, but no one to share it with. You can start with them.

I will light a candle for you. Godspeed

Letter from my sex addict:

Screw you. What the hell is wrong with just a little pleasure? Your single, so who is it going to harm. You’re on your own. Nobody to let down. No viruses these days and the site are faster than ever. Your ex girlfriend left you, she was no fun. Not as good looking as those girls online. What’s with all this purity crap, you have none. That train left ages ago. So why not enjoy the sodomy? And how the hell are you still a virgin? Just go to the site, we can fix that up in 30 minutes. Nobody will ever know.

If God didn’t want you to enjoy this, then why did he give you such powerful urges? You can’t answer that. So what if it’s fake, the only people who like you, you have to buy. It’s real enough to get your rocks off. Now go and take it a step further. You can do it.

I remember that guy. And I wanted it to happen. It was, new, different and exciting. Possibly getting caught was part of the thrill. It’s like your roller coasters, you’re an adrenaline junkie. It’s just eye candy, you see this crap everywhere there is no way you can escape, so you might as well embrace it. If only the boss wasn’t there we could of had some real fun. Those girls were hot, admit it you know it’s true.

Piss off.