Letter to myself:

I know your scared. I know the fear that comes with sexual sin. Fear of rejection. Fear of loosing the battle. As a pastor you have a fear of loosing your job, your wife, your kids…everything. You have a hard time understanding that God loves you just the way you are and struggle with the FACT that Christ’s sacrifice covers ALL OF IT.
I’m writing you today to let you know that there is freedom in this. Lean in on Christ instead of relying on your own ability since you yourself have no power over sin. Instead of allowing the enemy to use the fear to weigh you down, turn it around and use it to draw you near to Christ. Almost like a spiritual round house kick to satans teeth. Through Christ you can and will have freedom in this. To God be the glory.

Letter from my sex addict:

I cant believe I’ve allowed this sin to go this far. I can’t believe I have allowed the enemy to drag me this far down and completely steal my lifeforce in Christ. I have hit rock bottom in my life and It saddens me. I have completely lost the Joy found in Christ because I have allowed satan to distract me. Porn is a cancer that has spread to the point of no hope. It’s an asthma choking out my Joy. If I don’t stop, I’m gonna loose everything.
But Thank God for Jesus. Thank God that I have hope for freedom.