You may not know it, but you’ve hurt people. No one knows this silent battle you’re going through but it doesn’t mean you haven’t hurt. You’ve lied and lied and lied to her. The one person you cannot live without. You’re pathetic, all you care about is that happiness you get from porn that only lasts a couple of seconds. That isn’t real happiness. That’s prosthetic. I can’t believe you. Honestly. When that guilt comes after you’re done watching porn you always need her voice to take it away. And it does go away. But at what cost? You use her, just like you use porn. She doesn’t deserve this from you. She has her faults, but yours outgrow her immensely. She loves you more than you’ll ever know and you know that. Give her a shot damn it! She’s not perfect, but at least she doesn’t have a problem with porn! You’re disgusting man. Truly disgusting, you’re becoming just like your father. He’s gone now, way out your life, probably dead or with a new family. And you’re still letting him get to you? You need to change. You can’t keep this cycle going. Don’t end up like your father. And do not push her away to the point of no return.