Letter to myself:

Man, you have been doing this stuff for way too long. It’s gotta stop! Life is coming up, important things are happening, and it’s time to get your a-game together. You don’t need this crap, you really really don’t. Remember all that you’ve been through! Remember the people who are and will be affected by things like this. Future wife? Family? Friends? People you represent Christ to? You can totally do this. I know it. Don’t compromise, don’t give up. Stand firm in your faith, stand firm with good ol’ JC. Try to think from a future perspective, and remember life is not about what you want. You didn’t choose this kind of life to “do what you want” but you chose it to do what is right and to do it with God.
I’m serious when I say you can do this, but it won’t be easy. Keep God at the front and remember everything he has for you!

Letter from my sex addict:

I’m sorry, but I’m through being sorry! I want to be able to stop apologizing for this and have it not be an issue! I want to be free in Jesus. I want to keep him at the front of my mind, and pursue what is right and pure. I can do this. I can choose what is right. I can give things up and be honest and pursue purity and righteousness. I am forgiven and am new every day in Jesus. God please help me remember that! be with me in this journey.