Letter to myself:

Dear self, I know how hard you try to quit and never get anywhere. How did this start? You wanted to try masturbation so much the first time. After that you did it everyday twice a day and continue to do it. You know it’s wrong and always knew it was wrong. You went to porn websites, then the more you watched the more you lost your sense of morality. At one time you believed incest was completely and uterally wrong now what do you believe. You believed that masturbation was completely wrong at one time. You still believe that masturbation especially to incest and impregnation is wrong but you can’t stop. Stand up for what you know is right stop falling into this sin again and again. You have to stop watching incest porn and porn in general. You have to stop masturbating. This is a road of sin it seems like it’s nice and comfy but it will only take you to one place. And that place is hell

Letter from my sex addict:

Why would you ever want to stop. It feels so good to read and watch all the porn you do. As long as you never act on actually committing incest then what’s the harm? Lots of people watch incest porn. And impregnation porn is just a fetish everyone has one. Stop being so hard on yourself, it’s just a stress reliever and helps your health. You know you need a stress reliever. Plus without me you would lose all the pleasure you get from porn and masturbation. You can’t stop. You will never stop. You tried before but always do it again a couple weeks later. You try to fill your life with other hobbies but nothing quite fills the want to go back and do it again. You never even really tried to stop. You don’t want to stop. Remember your reading a book that has incest inside of it. That’s right I mean sure the book is very famous right now and a good book. They even based the series game of thornes on it. You like reading it so much for the incest and affair of brother and sister. You say you like the story in fact love it for all its darkness and realism but you only love it for its darkest side and yours which is incest and sex. You say you don’t like it for that, you say yes I know that’s wrong and I would never do that. But you already are. Your already lost and you enjoy being lost because it’s the only place you know anymore