Letter to myself:

To the addict,
By the Grace of God, I’ve been set free from being you. God is stronger than anything, because He made everything; He allowed everything that exists to exist. He allowed me to be tempted according to His divine will, and according to the same will He has set me free through Christ Jesus, His perfect Son. Sure, He doesn’t show any strength here. But his “kingdom is not of this world” (John 18:36). He suffered and died willingly, without lifting a finger (which could have so easily ended the suffering), without a sign from the Father at all (“אלהי אלהי למא שבקתני?” “(Eloi, eloi, lema sabacthani?)””(My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?”) (Matthew 27:46)), so how could I expect that the right thing would be to avoid suffering? Denying this world is accepting the Kingdom.
And as for Him existing, “He Is”. With that as His Name, He is the most sure thing to exist at all. His existence simply supersedes the world, since He created it; His “kingdom is not of this world”. Also, “Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen” (Hebrews 11:1). Like Jesus, I might not see any proof that God’s there, but I can, by these things, know that He is. (I need not explain, God is not hiding the meaning of these from you.)
And as for what you said after that, well, you may be right that my motivation is too weak against you. In fact, everything I have is too weak; but God, no, God (as previously stated) is stronger than ANYTHING. Furthermore, I don’t have to worry about being motivated enough to be saved, “for ‘EVERYONE WHO CALLS UPON THE NAME OF THE LORD WILL BE SAVED’” (Romans 10:13). He’s there. He’s always there. I don’t have to be perfectly seeking Him; I CAN’T do that. It’s not possible for little old me to completely shed my sinfulness here on Earth. But I have to try: I have to call on His name; and as I do, I am saved.

Letter from my sex addict:

From the addict,
Okay, here’s the deal right now. You can’t beat me. You’re stuck with me, you’re too weak to get rid of me. Sure, this whole ‘God’ thing sounds great, but what are you getting from it? What’s He shown you for it, huh? I’m giving you some of the most pleasure you can get in the world, in the most controlled and perfected way possible. You can have it in whatever way you want! Who can turn that down? You don’t know if anything else exists! You can’t be sure. Just stick with me, you’ll have pleasure, and that’s all that matters. Not as if you have a choice; I’m controlling you right now. Every time I pop up, your motivation to follow God just kinda dwindles. I’m not going to go away any time soon. It’s gonna take everything you got and THEN some to get rid of me, who has only provided you pleasure! Sure, it’ll screw up your life, but what’s a life trying to be ‘good’ if you’re just gonna die and disappear anyway? What do you care about this life, if it’s just gonna end? Why bother fighting me? As I said, pleasure’s all that matters. So just give up on this God thing and get back to fappin’, you got no time to lose. You got not proof He exists anyway.
Okay, so even if He does, I’m still here. I’m still stronger right now then your weak little motivation to follow Him, and as long as I’m here, you’ll always fall short- and even after me, you have plenty of other problems too! And then you won’t have me to help you forget about them for a couple seconds. You can just ignore Him, go to Confession every once in a while if it makes you feel like you’re placating Him, and just keep fapping. That’s what you’re doing anyway, so why fight against it? You can’t stop me. You’re not strong enough.