Hello Julio, the addict.
You who resides in the darkness of my heart and soul. You will die. No matter whether I die because of you for good reasons or bad ones.

YOU. WILL. DIE. When my Lord destroys you. When Jesus comes down from his reign and destroy the chains that you have wrapped around me. The destruction you have caused me will be nothing compared to what he will do to you. I will wait for that day when you are cast out into the darkness and destroyed. You will no longer be able to torture my mind, heart, and soul with your incessant talking. You’re immaturity is unceasing.

You will not destroy my family. YOU WILL NOT DESTROY MY CHILDREN. I will make sure of that with my LORD. You will tell me that I am that I am the disgusting one. I will not deny that. I am worse off than you are, Julio, the addict.

I know what God tells me yet I still do it. I choose to satisfy you. You. It is not out of the kindness of my heart. I wish I never would satisfy you. I wish you would just leave me alone. I try my hardest to fight you….that’s what I tell myself when I have just finished watching pornography and masturbated and satisfied you. I invite you in to be satisfied. I am tired of you. I want you to know that you will be tortured forever once I die. I will rejoice at that fact. You will fight me til the very ends of my bones. My bones will be dry and my heart will be on it’s last beat and you will still torture me to the end of my life until my Savior comes. I will die, but I will live.

You may have power over me, but you have NO power over my God, my Savior, my Redeemer. You will suffer his wrath and you….will….fear….his…. Strength. You have no power to condemn anything. You are weak. You have no power to kill me. You are stupid. You have no idea who my Father is. You have no idea. My Father will have his revenge. For my Father is a Father of Vengeance and Love and he loves me enough to realize how much this is killing me and he hates you. His wrath will come upon you. I belong to him and no one else. I do not belong to you.

My Master is God.

My Master is Jesus.

My Master is the Father.

My Master is the Holy Spirit.

You have NO power over my GOD. He will lift me up with his Victorious Right Hand and he will squash you. I will see you when I wake up. I will see you until I die. I accept that fact. I will not accept to stop fighting you. I will not accept to sit back and just let you take me. I will not accept to be affected by you. I will not accept to lose to you. I will not accept to accept you. I will not ACCEPT.

Do you hear me? Do you hear ME?!? I will not stop fighting. I may stumble but I…will….not….stop because My Father did not stop. He kept walking. He kept moving forward to his death so we could be REDEEMED. so we could be SAVED. so we could be HIS.

Your worst enemy
Julio, the redeemed, the saved, his!