Dear sex addict,

I am sick of your existence. I am sick of feeling filthy and inferior to everyone because of you. I am sick of having to hide the influence you have on a certain part of my life. I am sick of having a terrible secret that makes me feel so inferior and dirty. I am sick of going to church and being in the choir, but still being addicted to your rubbish, I want to be clean and I’ve had enough. This is not me, this is not who God says I am. I am made in the image of God and this is most defiantly not of God, but of the devil. I am sick of feeling that God hates me when all the wants to do is love me with all His heart. I am sick of feeling like I cannot control myself. I am sick of stopping for two days over and then over again only to let you take control again. You have ruined my life in countless ways. You have separated me from God innumerable times in innumerable ways. You have burned images of evil into my mind forever and permanently ruined the innocence and purity that I–as a child of God–should have. You have made me desire immoral and unjust things. You have made me seek out more violent porn and distorted my understanding of meaningful, loving sex between a husband and wife. Because of this, I am no longer going to let you take control of my life. I am going to send you back from where you came. Because I don’t have to be like this anymore, if Jesus says I am free then I am free. Here are some ways I am going to do this:

1. I will take care of my body through daily exercise and a healthier diet.
2. I will spend time daily with the Lord in meaningful prayer and meditation.
3. I will get accountable with a godly person that I can trust or even to myself.
4. I will monitor my internet activity.
5. I will attempt to make every thought obedient to God, which will lead me to be more like a child of God.
6. I will no longer allow myself to be put in situations where I may be led to let you take control.
7. I will educate myself about your ways and shut down every one of them.
8. I will remember that God’s grace is unimaginably bigger than your power, and His grace never disappoints.
9. I will read God’s word daily and see what he has to say to me and about me.
10. I will listen and follow God’s word and him ways.

I hope you’re ready to drop the gloves. You may think you’re fighting me, but you’re not. You’re fighting Almighty God, and (last time I checked) He’s undefeated. Hit us with your best shot.

Have a nice life,
Redeemed and free. – P.S I am who God says I am (a sex addict is not one of them)