You get too me everyday and i fail everyday, And i under stand it will take time for the cut to heal. But i know with my Lord Heavenly Father will help it heal. I am willing to give up everything to get this out of my mind, heart. I am going to make sure i keep my door open no matter what happens. I am at war im on the battle, I will not give up until you are died. I will make sure you will have to fight with all your might but i know with God on my side, there is no way i can lose. I know you will temp me in my dreams, in my mind. I am not going to even say this is my addict im going to say what it really is it is the devil and his wicked mind. And you will not kill me im a Survivor i will live for the kingdom. I am lucky enough that i have a God that is forgiving and graceful. Devil you put chains on my arms and legs you covered my eyes from the truth. You took over my mind. But know that i have my Father he has set me FREE. I AM FREE and since i am free i choose to live for my God and follow him. He defeated you once and he will defeat you again. Maybe there was a reason i went thought this maybe because God wants me to be-able to show people that you are a LAIR.