Letter to myself:

You have wasted many hours of your life. You have created a relationship with your computer, and your relationships with other human beings have suffered as a consequence. You have a problem with lust and soft porn. You treat beautiful girls better than other girls. You make your wife feel insecure by your actions. She cannot trust you because of your lies in the past. You need to Man-Up. You need to see your addiction not as a battle but as a Pilgrimage. A Pilgrimage is defined as a journey that has been infused with meaning and intention. You cling to the drug that you love so much. You can’t save yourself. Become addicted to HIS love!

Letter from my sex addict:

I am broken, and I need to break free. I am done with my old life. My old life will not define who I am. It has given me false joy, and now I have SHAME written all over me. I have planted the wrong seeds in my mind via my actions and thereby I have sowed the wrong thoughts. I will conquer this, not on my own but with the help of Christ. I will declare VICTORY!