Letter to myself:

It’s been a few years now. You keep fighting this ugly monster that rises up. I don’t know if it is within you or rises up against you. But you are afraid. You are afraid that your time is running out and that you will never be free from this crap. From this sin. From porn. You have so many questions. Most of them unanswered. You have sought for the answer in people, in things to do. But no luck. And still, time is running out. Or so you feel and fear. I am hear to tell you that you will beat this. That this is not who you are and who you were born to be You are more than this. There is untapped potential in you. You will get there. Seek God with all your heart. I know, I know it sounds so cliche. But be assured that there are answers to your many questions. And most likely those answers are hidden in God. So continue seeking. Keep fighting. Do not give up.

Letter from my sex addict:

I am tired of this crap. I am desperate. I am sorry. I wish I would have never seen this. I wish I would have never been introduce to this. I still have hope, though. I will keep fighting and never give up.