Letter to myself:

You always seem to manage to convince me of the fun of my sin, but you never remind me of the consequences of my sin. Like The guilt the follows when I listen to you, that’s always so hard to overcome.
it’s like a heavy weight thats so hard to remove. Oh what about the loss of hope because you make feel like I cant escape, ill always be bound no matter how hard I try. Also the tiredness from the long nights you keep me awake and you make difficult for me to function because of the battle in my mind due to the shame. Now its a struggle for me to read my bible and pray things I used to do before you took over. Because of you I feel so powerless. So I am going to take a stand against you, from your lies, everytime you try and get me to follow sin, I will not entertain it because I know if I submit to God and resist you, you will have to leave.

Letter from my sex addict:

My brother just had a baby daughter, I was there when they changed her once and I had to look away because I didnt know how I will take it, Will I be able to control myself and not think the wrong thoughts? I thought that maybe I should tell him that I dont think it will be wise to leave me alone with his daughter. This sounds so crazy but im scared this where it will get to. I do mind the pain of this addiction but what im scared of more is the damage I could cause someone else who is just innocent. Lord I need your help to not end up like this and cause hurt to someone innocent. But by the grace of God, I am the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus. Holy spirit transform me into the image of Jesus. Make me into the man I’ve been called to be, one created for good works.