I want to be free of you so bad. Years….can’t believe its been years since I gave my life to you. How could I have fallen to your deceit so many time now, over and over and over again? You seemed so innocent at first, then become a monster, a fire burning out of control in my mind that keeps me from sleep and even farther from the Lord. Now you keep me from truly enjoying my life. I lust over all the girls I call friends. I put on a fake plastic smile and try not to stare down their shirts as they walk past me. I want to look at what’s inside their hearts, not their jeans. Like that Disciple song I just heard, I wanna draw the line. I want a new part of me to be reborn, free from all the crap that’s consumed every fiber of my being. I pray ever day God will kill you, vaporize you, you’ll never have existed. Yet I know now I need to be a part of this too. There’s no silver bullet, no mysterious trick I can do to make this issue go away overnight. It’s gonna take a long time, am I willing to put in the work? The answer is yes. Pack your bags.

Sincerely, you will never own me again