Dear Sex Addict,

You may think you know me inwards and out, but the truth is there is a fire deep within me. This fire wasn’t lit or started by my own willpower. This fire contains the righteousness of the Lord. This fire is eternal. I like to consider myself a fair individual. Therefore, I am warning you of the struggle to come. I may be weak, but the Lord is forever strong. You’ll not win this time. I will be redeemed. I will be renewed. Yes, it will be hard work and I will likely become discouraged. I have plans and truths in place to remind me of my true self and my true destiny. Here are the new truths I will choose to believe:

1. Whatever sins I have committed or shall commit, God has conquered them. He has destroyed their power over me. He has forgiven men through Jesus’ precious blood. I will also daily forgive myself.

2. Because of God’s amazing victory, I shall experience new found hope and satisfaction in Jesus. Jesus is the almighty warrior of peace. He will destroy you!!

3. In scripture, God calls me His and tells me that He made me in His own image. I will now choose to believe that He really means what he said, that He is proud to call me son. He loves me deeply, more than I have ever loved or will be loved. You cannot compete with Him!

4. I will protect myself and I deserve to be protected. God has given me His Holy Spirit to guide and comfort me. You and your use of pornography, sex, masturbation, or fantastical thinking shall no longer suffice! You cannot outlast Him!

5. I will find my worthiness, victory, and satisfaction in the death and ascension of my Lord, Jesus Christ. He defeated death, sin, and Satan. Your claim to fame is defeating a lowly human. I will no longer be defeated by you. You cannot out satisfy Jesus! You cannot overcome what has already been won by the blood of the Lamb!

Now, sex addict, I’d like to inform you of my plans to leave you and this intolerable life behind. These plans aren’t foolproof and they are bound to be met with struggle. That is your nature isn’t it, struggle, strife, and confusion? I’ll no longer be confused or stricken by grief caused by habitual sin.

Here are the plans that are in affect immediately:

1. I will complete the 30 day x3Pure program. My start day was (1.12.2014). My finish date will be (2.11.2014). I will be accountable to Mark mainly, and I will also include my friend and fellow believer Jake. In scripture it says where two or more are gathered in Jesus’ name, He is present among them. You don’t belong in this group!

2. I will daily remember that I am holding out for a future wife and family. I choose, today, to not carry you into my future. I will not allow you to enter into my potential spouse and family. Only Christ is allowed to dwell within us and our household! You are not welcome!

3. I will commit to truth. I cannot live in the truth if I am not telling the truth. If I lie, I will apologize and confess to those whom I wronged. I will always tell the truth. Since you are confused and immature, lies coarse through your veins as oxygen. With God’s help, I’ll derive you of the very air you breathe. You shall be placed six feet deep. You are a coward and not a man.

4. I will find and be open with a spiritual advisor.

5. I will accept myself and be completely okay and content with whom I am in Christ, where I have been, and the beauty that God has made my life. I will no longer hate myself. I will no longer curse myself. I will love myself as Christ first loved me.

So, Sex Addict, I hope you understand the fight that is coming your way. I hope you understand pain you will experience as you meet you deserved demise. The strength you rely on shall fade daily and soon shall be extinct. You will not win. You will not survive. You have ALREADY been defeated.

No longer your friend,