C’mon man. Take a step back and look at what is happening here. You let yourself fall far enough to start to see your sin as acceptable. You didn’t used to be like that. You used to fight. You used to be someone that people looked up to for purity. Now look at yourself, Dev. You even pulled Brooke in with you. You made her sin seem like less too until you both were content with your sin. And then what happened? You both sacrificed your purity outside of marriage. You knew you both were saving it. But you couldn’t wait. You know she’s been planning the wedding. Why not just wait a year longer? You waited 21 years already. And Devon, dude, you even had Brooke sacrifice her purity. Don’t you love her? Isn’t love patient? Isn’t love selfless? Dev, this isn’t you. You are the guy who gives it all away to God. You know that. No more porn. No more masturbation. No more sex. Brooke needs you to fall in love with Christ again. You need God now more than ever! You can do this. Be strong. People look up to you. Your job requires your purity. Come on Dev.