Letter to myself:

You are a boy. Sex is an expression of your love to your wife. Not just a good feeling. Sexual thoughts, sexual desires, and anything concerning sex was designed by God for the context of marriage. From this day forward I am going to leave my childhood stupidity behind and become a man. And not just a man but a man of God. All of my past is covered by the blood of Jesus but that doesn’t mean that I can continue to practice the sin. Everyday I will focuse on growing closer to Jesus. One day at a time I will remind you how Jesus is the lord of my life and you have absolutely no control. You are weak, repulsive and discusting. I AM A CHILD OF THE LIVING GOD AND I WILL LIVE LIKE IT WITH CONVICTION.

Letter from my sex addict:

But, you know that you like the feeling. I mean really it’s amazing. And exciting and different from just boring old sex. Let’s see if you can hold strong. We’ll see.